The Man with 17 Lives

The Man with 17 Lives


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Who is God? The target audience is a reader who does not regularly attend church services, does not read the bible, believes time is not measured in hundreds or thousands of years but rather in billions of light years and does not pray to a higher being . . . except to fill an inside straight. Yet something in the back of his mind tells him that God does indeed exist, that there is a higher power in the universe and that everything happens for a reason. Indeed, there are no coincidences in life. But how does the average guy reach Him? The real purpose of this book is to let the reader that s/he does not need to be an angel, a card-carrying Christian or a pillar of society to gain entry into the realms of the afterlife. In fact, you do not need to rely on a priest, a Rabbi, a minister, a nun, a pastor, a monk, a witch doctor, a soothsayer or a TV evangelist to run interference for you. Why? We all have a direct line to the Commander-in-Chief if we would only take the time to recognize His presence in our daily lives. Indeed, I have survived several near and certain death experiences. Fast motorcycles, encounters with wild animals, a pedophile, a couple of accidents, three near drownings, five heart attacks, a mini stroke, two pulmonary embolisms, two bouts with cancer, and several fool hardy stunts could not put me in the ground. Indeed, if it were not for Devine intervention I would be long dead. Was my life preordained, and if so, for what purpose?

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  Ed Hall


I was with Bill the day after his swim in the Salmon River!! I believe every word he wrote! Maybe someone really is pulling the strings on we puppets! We shall all find out eventually. I was one of his writer staff for five years, and, aside from his describing his dunk in the Salmon River the previous day, he never even hinted about his misfortunes, only that his stomach at al were removed.


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  Ray Mahoney


This semi-biography has a powerful story of an average man that is blessed with an above average life. Mr. Vaznis relates his many life episodes where it seems Divine Intervention and his fortitude to live got him through. For hunters, fishermen, outdoor enthusiasts, and anyone facing the death sentence of cancer, this is a powerful story with a powerful message. I read many passages over again as there was just too much message to grasp in one read over. Hope everyone enjoys this as much as I did. Once I read it, I realized why Divine Intervention kept him around. He needed to tell this story.

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