500 Deer Hunting Tips

500 Deer Hunting Tips

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This book gives whitetail hunters exactly what they're always looking for: that extra edge--whitetail hunters are always looking for that extra edge in outsmarting their prey. Short and to-the-point tips are just what many of them are looking for; 500 in one book is a great value. Approximately 150 of the tips are accompanied by detailed how-to photography.

Chapter topics include:


  • Early-Season Scouting
  • Locating Racked Bucks
  • The Perfect Tree-Stand
  • Scent Control
  • Keeping a Low Profile
  • Predicting the Pre-Rut
  • Calling Strategies
  • Locating Nocturnal Bucks
  • Snow Tracking
  • Hunting Around Water
  • Hunting Bucks in the Snow
  • Scouting the Post Season


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Danilo K. Cachuela




This book has lots of pictures and you'll never get bored. Tons of good ideas. Buy it--you won't regret it.

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Bryan S. Osmonson


 Fun to read and very interesting. Full of excellent tips and so easy to read you can hardly put it down. Everyone in deer camp picked it up at one time or another.


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