Successful Black Bear Hunting



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The black bear population is on the rise, and a newfound interest in bear hunting is skyrocketing. For some bear hunting holds the possibility of being attacked by the blood thirsty beast they are stalking, for others it?s eliminating nothing more than a pesky pest, and still for others it?s the chance to catch a treasured fleeting glimpse of a true symbol of the wilderness. Woods-wise sporting enthusiasts rate the black bear as one of the most elusive beasts in the wild, making him difficult to study in his native habitat. Fortunately Bill Vaznis provides hunters with everything they need to know about black bears, and how to successfully harvest them, in this compelling combination of entertaining hunting stories and how-to information. Coverage includes where to hunt bears and choosing the right outfitter; hunting trophy bears; and getting the most out of a hunt.


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  Tyler Forge


Somewhat good for techniques other than baiting. Locally, I have to spot and stalk. That doesn't keep me from going to places where I can bait. The tables showing bear populations and other data will help me choose my trips. Furthermore, I can use bait if I'm not hunting. Photography and scouting come to mind. This book has great photos.

Vaznis' instructions for dealing with guides, including naming names, is also good. I liked the bit on bear camp dynamics too. The discussion of the bear's senses and the behavior of different bears is great. Old boars get very wary and can live for a long time. Sows, cubs, and young boars are easier to notice, but subordinate.

I definitely enjoyed the hunting stories. Not just the successful ones, but the very many unsuccessful ones. I make mistakes and learn every time out. Hopefully, I can avoid some of the mistakes the he mentions. Vasnis also gives a sense of how time/labor intensive it can be crawling around looking for sign.

Lastly, thanks to Vaznis, I'm going to pack more than a 9mm along with my bow. I guess that bit of fear that comes with bow hunting such large carnivors never goes away and is well founded. I will never huff on a predator call in grizzly country (again) unless I have about 5 12 gauge slugs backing me up.


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As a novice hunter, I found this book to be extremely informative. One reviewer mentioned that he didn't like the stories that Bill Vaznis opens each chapter with but that is exactly what I LIKED about this book!

This book provided an overall understanding of bears, how to interpret bear signs and track, how to bait bears, methods of tracking and taxidermy. It also discussed strategies to get "finicky bears", discussed mistakes to avoid (very important read for ANY hunter), and had stories of the author's "close calls".

As a female hunter just getting into the sport, this book allowed me to put into context all the hunting stories I've heard and this book managed to get me that much MORE excited for this season's hunt! In fact, while driving out to the bear camp I was reading the "close call encounters" stories to the men and we were all talking about it and having a great time!

If you are serious about bear hunting, or just getting into the sport than I would highly recommend this book! 


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