The Return of the Laramie Kid


The Return of the Laramie Kid by [Vaznis, Bill]


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In 1865 a group of Quantrill's Raiders attempt to rob the Colby National Bank in central Texas, but their efforts are thwarted by a single undercover Texas Ranger who brings the gang to justice frontier style. The ranger, thought to be from Ft. Laramie, leaves town however before he can be properly thanked and without his true identity revealed. Speculation abounds. Who is the Laramie Kid? Is it Wilfred Alexander? Moses Sheridan? Sheriff Sweeney? The Lone Ranger? Judge Bastion?

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  Steve Sorensen


The Return of the Laramie Kid stands squarely in the tradition of American westerns, and it's hard to believe this is Vaznis' first work of western fiction. He's a seasoned outdoor writer and for years I've read his stuff on deer and bear hunting, but he really seems more at home here. I read Laramie Kid while traveling -- a hard time for me to really get into a book -- but the characters, the plot, the twists and turns had me turning Kindle page after Kindle page. At no point did I want to lay this one aside. I hear he has another western or two up his sleeve -- sure hope he executes. Somebody contact Eastwood -- this ought to be a movie!


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  Lance Krueger


This was a book I read a while back, but it was so well written, and such a good story that I kept telling myself I've got to leave a good review here, but I was too busy in my business to do so at the time. I would highly recommend anyone interested in westerns to pick up this page-turner and settle in for an entertaining time. Believe me, you wont be able to put it down! Good job, Bill Vaznis!! I loved The Return of the Laramie Kid! Can't wait to read more from you down the road!!


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  Mike VanDerMeid


 After finishing "Return turn of the Laramie Kid" all can say is where is the sequel? This is one of the best written western I've read in years. The story has it all authentic gun fights, romantics that try to pull the tears, action that keeps you reading more and a story line that is always a step ahead of the reader. Once you think you have figured the story out the author throws in a "wow I didn't see that coming". Once you get this book be ready to read it in its entirety once you start! You won't be able to put it down.